Books by Robert Douglas

Death with No Valor


This book was written to bring about an awareness of the epidemic within our police family called Police Suicide, and to show that there is a light in the darkness. It was written to enable police officers, chaplains and police families to recognize and deal with the issue of suicide in the hopes that within these pages the reader may find the words to reach into just one person’s darkness and give them a ray of light.


Hope Beyond the Badge:

An Officer's Support Book


This book was written to bring spiritual hope to police officers and their families on a daily basis. If read on a daily basis, this book of “hope” will provide spiritual enlightenment. A great book for Chaplains to give to their officers and their families.



Healing for a Hero's Heart


As we walk through this life of uncertainty, we will face many opportunities to solve personal problems that seem at the time to be unsolvable. I firmly believe that this book will provide answers to seemingly unsolvable issues. This book will not make your decisions for you, but will guide you to make the right decisions.