• Dr. Robert E. Douglas Jr.


Our Law Enforcement families have not had a shortage of hard times in the past several months. Many of you have either directly or indirectly been exposed to the Covid-19 Virus, which has infected thousands of us, and has taken the lives of over 40 Law Enforcement officers nationwide. So as I write this, I know you are deeply concerned about your family and striving to be safe on the street and careful not to infect your family when you return to your respective homes. I have never experienced what you are experiencing today regarding this virus. If I felt for a moment that you and your family were going through this alone, this situation may be enough to break us. However, our Hope and Trust must be focused on the "One" who can lead us through these times of uncertainty.

Before I tell you who that "One" is, allow me to share an experience I had in August 1964 in Paris Island, South Carolina while I was in boot camp with the Marine Corp. At that time 98% of the Marine Recruits were being deployed to Vietnam directly out of boot camp. I was nineteen years old at the time and I was graduating the following morning. To say I was scared is an understatement. Hundreds of Marines were being killed each week, and I didn't really feel that I would last very long! My Mother had always taken me to church each week and would constantly pray for my safety, especially as her only child. Laying in my rack that night, I realized my own mortality, and how my life could potentially be over in a matter of weeks. I realized that my worldly circumstances would probably not change, but how I decided to face them was completely my decision! As I was laying in my rack that evening, I decided to give my uncertainties over to Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as my Savior.

Today, here I am, still trusting in Christ, and praying each night that Christ will take care of you and your family. I can say with great confidence that, "this too will pass" and in time we will all return to our daily routines. Until that time, remember to keep your focus on the only "ONE", who can change your circumstances forever.

I would like to also thank those of you who expressed your sympathy to my family and myself regarding the passing of my wife Carolyn. It was a difficult battle, but there again, I had Christ at my side.

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