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December 31, 2023

Final Letter

     In 1997, I had the greatest opportunity to establish The National Police Suicide Foundation, Inc.  Its primary goals and objectives were to bring about awareness and a better understanding of the causation of why Police Officers would fall victim to suicide.  Over the past 26 years and the training of over 100,000 police personnel, I personally feel we have answered many of those issues, but there is much more that needs to be addressed in the years to come.  To carry on this crusade, we have many qualified professionals that are right now focusing on innovative methods to address the mental health issues for over 900,000 Law Enforcement Officers in our country but, like all things in life there comes a time to move aside where the work can continue to effectively address our professional needs and concerns.

    With that being said, effective December 31, 2023, The National Police Suicide Foundation, Inc, will come to an end.  I want to extend my “thanks” and “deep appreciation” to the many that have worked with our foundation over the years and have given so much of themselves in addressing the mental health concerns of our agencies.

    In closing I wish to share a poem by Helen Steiner Rice called “My Thanks”

                                             People everywhere in life, from every walk and station,
                                              from every town and city and every state and nation,
                                              have given me so many things intangible and dear. I
                                          couldn’t begin to count them all or even make them clear.
                                         I only know I owe so much to people everywhere and when
                                     I put my thoughts in verse it’s just a way to share.  The musings
                                        of a thankful heart, a heart much like your own, for nothing
                                      that I think or write is mine and mine alone…. So if you found 
                                      some beauty in any word or line, It’s just your soul’s reflection
                                                                   in proximity with mine.



    Dr. Robert E. Douglas, Jr.

    Executive Director

From the Director's Desk...

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